As knowledge increases, wonder deepens

Every three weeks, two exhibitions will be shared on this space, one will be a ‘Western Exhibition’ and the other a ‘World Exhibition’.

Each exhibition will consist of five exhibits. There will be: one musical composition, one work of art, one invention, one architectural style and one literary work.

We will always aim to represent women and men equally.

The ‘Western Exhibition’ and ‘World Exhibition’ will be based upon a given theme. The theme will always be an era within history.

Across this next year, the following ‘themes’ will be covered –

1. Before 1000 AD
2. 1000 (onwards)
3. 1100
4. 1200
5. 1300
6. 1400
7. 1500
8. 1600
9. 1700
10. 1800
11. 1900
12. 2000

We will begin in the first millennium.

As you visit each exhibit, we would love you to share your thoughts and questions with the rest of us on the comments board. Please only leave your first name and year group to identify yourself with in any post.

If an exhibit captures your interest, you may wish to carry out further research – if so, please share your learning with us on here.

After we have moved through each historical era (this will take 12 months), we will return to the beginning of the timeline and start again, but during our second cycle, we will learn about another set of exhibits covering the same timeline.

After three years, we will revisit them all again. This will give us a chance to re-examine each item with more maturity, wider learning and fresh eyes – it will be interesting to see how we view them then.
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